plum fruit


Plums be a member of the same family as peaches, nectarines, and apricots. But plums are much more different than their stone-fruit cousins.

The scientific name of Plum is Prunus domestica

Overview of Plum Tree

Plum trees are small trees. The normal height of plum trees are 5 meter(16feet).plum trees take 3 to 6 year to be mature. Now a days plum tree is grown in all country of the world whose have pleasant climate.

Advantages of Plum Fruits For Human Body

Vitamin C is present in Plum Fruits which is helpful for

Build Muscles

Form Blood Vessels

Heal body

It is very beneficial for human eyes.

Side Effects of plum Fruits

If we drink large amount plum juice it Cause digestive problems.

Plum also contains Oxalate. Which cause certain types of Kidney Stone.

People also feels allergic reaction after eating plum.

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