How to get Ghost in Mobile COD ?

How to get Ghost in Mobile COD

How to obtain Ghost on COD Mobile This guide has been updated since there are many ways to get a free Ghost Character

How to get Ghost in COD Mobile – All Ghosts

There are many ways to locate ghosts:


  • Connect your accounts: Go through the Activision Steps, Below
  • Rewards and Events for pre-registration currently available for pre-registration on Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

How to get Ghost in COD Mobile – Activision Steps

We will walk you through the steps step-by-step to help you know how to connect your account in the game to the account you have on Activision account:

  1. PUBG Mobile Updated: Make sure this version game is up-to-date and make sure you’re playing the most recent season, If not, you should update
  2. Launch PUBG Mobile. Go to Settings > Connect your game account with the Activision Account (find an option to link in the upper right) by pressing “Call of Duty”
  3. The next step will direct you to the Activision website in order to log in.
  4. Following the first step, Your accounts will now be linked, which means all you need be doing is make sure you claim your prize. Log into the in-game email and you’ll see you have already claimed Ghost Stealth

When you link your game account to the account you have on your Activision Account, you will be able to gain access to Ghost Stealth for use in Call of Duty Mobile. It’s absolutely free and not just for newbies. Even if you’re a veteran player, even if you had never linked your account to your account then you still have time to connect it and don’t waste the chance

Already Linked Accounts?

If you already connected your account in the game to the activation account, you’ll have been given this Ghost Stealth character for free. If you already have it you would receive an additional Ghost Stealth character, but because it’s duplicated, it’s converted directly into credits.

How to get Ghost in COD Mobile – Video Guide

We also leave you with an instructional video to STP Gaming where you can find out how to obtain the most current version of Ghost via the pre-registration of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Do not miss it!

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