How to Boil Water in Project Zomboid?

How to Boil Water in Project Zomboid

How to boil water for Project Zomboid – Campfire & Oven – also how to build a campfire as well as how to clean up water that is tainted.

How to Boil Water in Project Zomboid – Campfire

When you first boil water, you’ll be doing it out in nature and you’ll be able to realize, the process isn’t too difficult.

  1. Pour the water that has been contaminated into the cooking pot
  2. Create a campfire and heat it to
  3. Make the campfire ablaze with a lighter or matches
  4. Put the pot of cooking water in front of the flame.
  5. You must wait until the “tainted” attribute has been removed from the item, then put it back in your inventory

How to Make a Campfire?

Three planks of wood and some paper or bandages will create a campfire kit. Then you’ll require an ignition source the most straightforward of which is kindling, which is constructed out of a knotted piece of plank and solid sticks (taking the screwdriver to one plank, and the saw to another plank)

In the campfire kits available in your inventory, clicking on them will offer you the opportunity to construct an outdoor campfire that you can then light with the fire starter.

Tips: Once you have built your campfire, you’ll need fuel. While any book or magazine can assist you, the best is to use logs

If you’re making your first steps into the game and you’re somewhat lost as to where to begin, we offer this video guide from Mr. Lamprey, so that you can discover how to create your first campfire.

How to Boil Water in Project Zomboid – Oven

Even though you are able to boil water once you begin to feel more comfortable The oven can make the process much simple

  1. Pour the tainted water into the cooking pot
  2. The oven’s inventory can be opened and move the water inside
  3. Switch on the oven with the control options for ovens. (Right-click on the oven, then choose controls)
  4. Allow the water to transform into boiling water.
  5. Get clean and fresh water that doesn’t make you sick!

How to get Tainted Water?

Just locate the body of water any river or lake is fine, and bring an empty container for cooking, like a pot as well as a water bottle or maybe even an alcohol container but ensure that you have emptied the bottle. Right-click upon the water body, and you’ll be able to get the Fill option. As you will notice when you have multiple empty containers you could fill them all up with water.

Tips: If you make use of containers that you can immediately boil the water like the Cooking pot, it will be faster.


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