How to a Controller Connect to PUBG Mobile?

How to a Controller Connect to PUBG Mobile

How do I connect an Xbox controller to Gameplay Mobile — PS4 – PlayStation and Xbox One – Any mobile device running Android and iOS iPhone

How to Connect a Controller to PUBG Mobile – Steps

The majority of controls are compatible with mobile games through Bluetooth PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t an exception. However, you’ll require an additional app. We will go over the steps to follow:

  1. Get the Panda Gamepad Pro or Panda Mouse Pro from the Play Store (Android) or from the Apple Store (iOS)
  2. Make sure that you enable pairing for your controller
    • PS4 — PlayStation PS4: Hold and press the PS and Share buttons simultaneously the at the same time
    • Xbox One: Hold and press the Xbox or Sync button simultaneously at the time. time
  3. Then go onto your Android as well as an iOS mobile device and enable Bluetooth
  4. Select and locate your wireless controller from the Bluetooth settings menu
  5. Start PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS Mobile devices using Panda Gamepad Pro or Panda Mouse Pro
  6. The controls will display on the screen. Adjust the joystick controls to the controls on your touchscreen.

These steps are standard for almost all mobile games. If you’re looking for your device to be connected with another game take note of the two variations:

  • It is possible that you will require an additional program, for example, Panda Gamepad Pro or Panda Mouse Pro in the case of PUBG Mobile
  • There is a possibility that you will have to turn on something in the game however this does not occur in PUBG Mobile which requires you to calibrate the controls however it is the case in other games, such as COD Mobile

If you’ve ever played with controllers in the past, a long time ago, it was played with another app, Octopus however, Octopus is no longer working and it has to be executed using Panda and Panda is the only application that functions.

How to Connect a Controller to PUBG Mobile – Video Guide

If you are unable to complete all of the steps we suggest, we’ll leave you this video tutorial WolverineChilling (specific specifically for Android) in which you can follow step-by-step instructions and pictures of how to accomplish it.

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