Guide Goat Simulator 3 Save Steve

Save Steve Guide Goat Simulator 3

Goat Simulator 3 Save Steve Guide – Complete Don’t let Steve drown, save Steve and transform into Steve’s guide

How To Rescue Steve – Don’t Let Steve Drown

A video tutorial of about a minute long, created by PerfectParadox and where you can discover the steps to finish Don’t let Steve Drown and save Steve

Goat Simulator 3 Save Steve Guide

Steve is simply an ordinary fish. We’re just trying to relax in the midst of it for a bit after searching for him for over an hour, and having to give up several times to get other things done.

Anyway, let’s avoid digressing. You have to plunge into the pond and start to lick every fish you see to find Steve and complete the quest. If you lick something or someone else, a short text identifying it appears underneath your character. This is the only way to know if the species of fish are actually Steve instead of ordinary fish.

When you spot Steve You must hold him in your arms, pull off his body using any method you can think of, and then lick him. If you succeed the task will immediately come to an end.

Did you also win a prize? You transform into Steve. You change into a fish, able to move around the map and complete tasks. You get something as a reward for completing this tedious quest line. Have fun, then.


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