Achievement Guide Warhammer 40,000 Dark tide: Going Bowling

Achievement Guide Warhammer 40000 Dark tide Going Bowling

An easy guide to assist players in unlocking their “Going Bowling” Achievement for the Skullbreaker Ogryn. It’s probably not the most efficient method but it’s worth it.


This guide is intended for gamers that don’t have a complete pre-made group that they can join together. This approach may require some time and effort, but when you have a pre-made full group, it will be simpler to organize mobs to do it. But some players don’t have complete pre-made and must contend with random players who don’t want to work together or simply want to eliminate every horde that comes within.

Level and Difficulty

Level Choice: Magistrate Oubliette TM8-707

The level I picked for myself is “Magistrate OublietteTM8-707” The assassination level which begins your group’s journey to the sewers. It is possible to work with other maps that feature the same start, however, that’s your choice. I picked this map because of the drop in the sewers. It’s the ideal spot to lie in a secluded spot and let crowds of mobs pour in, making sure you will be able to take on all that is standing in the way.

Difficulty: Heresy/Damnation + Endless Horde + A little bit of luck

The creepy five and four difficulty levels. It’s not as scary as it seems. In fact, I’d recommend several attempts at doing it this way if you’re not bored of random blasting, plasma gunning, or the other stuff that psykers use. To every horde that you encounter in malice, I have found this method less risky for damnation since not many people line for the oath, therefore you’ll be fortunate enough to find an empty lobby without having to cause any harm to anyone else’s enjoyment.

The Strat

Before loading up, ensure that you’ve got your reliable slab shield And heretic bonker as well as whatever range you’d like as you’ll need to take out certain specials likely. Curios aren’t necessary, but I’ve stacked +HP ones since they’re good and you’ll be doing some dancing and smacking mobs in the main room. The most important thing is to make sure you have Unstoppable achievement because there are the organs of enemies circling around that will come up at you and prevent your ability to charge.


Okay, to begin things off go to the hole, and dropdown. Be cautious, the enemies will love the fact that they can spawn in the hole.

 love spawning

After dropping, start clearing the beginning of the large room so you don’t get instantly killed. The specials can start appearing at any moment, so swiftly get into the center of the huge room and shoot at aggro mobs before retreating into the tunnel.

big room and shoot to aggro

If you’re lucky, it’s a solo lobby, so you won’t have to fret about bots. Let them die. Don’t have to worry about them. This is where luck plays a role. It will take a while for the horde to be spawned when you’re battling mobs. However, you’ll have to be sure that none of the CC specials such as trappers or hounds appear.

When the horde is spawned and you’ve got enough machine gunners and shotgunners in the game does not bring forth any additional irritating specials. The only thing you need to do is use the shield feature while sitting in the back of the tunnel and watch for everything to appear to you. Give it a few seconds to fully fill the tunnel and then charge!

Unlocked the Achievement 

Achievement unlocked

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