Achievement Guide of Tutorial Mountain: Climber Sky is the Limit

Achievement Guide of Tutorial Mountain

 Today, I’d like to talk regarding the Tutorial mountain in Climber.

According to the report, just 3.7 percent of players have achieved the goal of completing the tutorial. This is shockingly low when you consider the truth It seems like many players start playing the game but aren’t able to get through the tutorial. Please let me know if can assist my fellow gamers by providing a step-by-step guide on how to climb the mountain of the tutorial.


It is essential to take the time to study the routes in each mountain. This will allow you to determine the challenges that will be facing you. With that knowledge, you can ensure that you use the correct equipment and are mentally prepared for what you’ll have to face.

In this mountain we can find:

  • Climbing rock.
  • Vertical climb rocky.
  • A chasm. You’ll require a ladder.
  • A slippery ice surface. Ice ropes and screws are required.
  • A wall of ice.

All of them involve various types of equipment and risks. The first mountains require that you carry the essential equipment needed to face these hazards.

It is essential to ensure that the gear is balanced. The two most heavy items that are the ladder and the other rope, must be put in the slots that are at the center. I will add the ladder to slot 5, and the rope to slot 6.

The ice screws and energy bars are placed in slots 1 and 4, to balance their weight horizontally and vertically.

Up the Mountain

It is recommended to go through this section of the video as I will show an example, but let me show you how to get around the different kinds of hurdles.

Small Climbs

Usually, you press your jump buttons in order to initiate the climb animation, and then get higher.

For small ledges, it’s easy to jump over the ledges. It’s best to leap where you can since it’s quicker than animation.

Walking up the slopes

It is possible to press”Alt” to the left or “Alt” to access mountaineer’s vision. This will reveal the danger spots, which are marked with black. If you walk on the black spots, you’ll slip until you hit the ground.

Vertical Rocky Climbs

When you’ve reached a rocky mountain, you can press “F” to play your climbing game. Before doing that be sure to check your health and eat food such as energy bars, if you’re required to.

There are colored dots for the handholds that you can pick. Pick two handholds, one for the left hand and the other one that is for the right and then you’ll climb. Continue until you reach the top. Press “F” once more to be at the top.


They are connected by ladders. You must select the ladder from a pocket inside your bag, and then put it in it once it becomes green. The ladder’s height is crucial, so you need that you adjust the height of the ladder by using your mouse’s scrolling button.

If you try crossing you’ll be pushed towards one side. Press the Q or the E to lean towards the opposite side, and you’ll be able to balance yourself. If the bar is full it will fall off. Be cautious about not leaning enough toward one side. This could cause you to start leaning in the opposite direction and if you’re shocked, you may be thrown off.

Slippery Ice

It is important to utilize mountaineer vision to determine the areas that are slippery. Be sure to stay on the green-dotted areas.

You’ll have to place an ice screw by choosing it, and then left-clicking to put it in place. Select the rope you have in your pockets, and then left-click to place the screw.

Be aware of the correct mouse button as it will cause the rope to fall and cause you to fall.

Move forward on this slippery surface until you’ve reached 10 meters. You will need to install another screw and then secure your rope for a further stretch.

Once you’re safe, it’s easy to let the rope go and continue to climb.

Ice Climbs

These are similar to the rock climbs, however with ice walls that you climb in first person, and using the movement keys. It is a good idea to ensure you’re able to maintain your vitality prior to starting. Consume an energy bar for those who need to build endurance.

Avoid the large red triangles, and stay vigilant for fallen debris. If you hit the head, you’ll lose much mental health. If you use handholds that are unstable, you may slip, so make sure to press the E or Q buttons whenever the warning light comes in to let you stop falling.

Unedited climb and Final words

Watch this video section on how to use the guide video.

It’s a straight route from the bottom up to the top. I am able to achieve a decent time of 7:53. Which is a bit less than my previous best time which was 7:44. Some have even beat this time since, however at the time, at one time that was by far the fastest time on the leaderboard. It’s now in 6th position.

In the end, if you follow the guidelines in this guide, you will be able to climb to the top without too much hassle.


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